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Sheldon hold on a minute

Not quite.

You may already noticed something a little “off” about this bit of writing.

Maybe because there’s something a little “off” about me, as it relates to fitting in to the mold of “typical” Fitness Professionals. (IS there really such a thing? WHY?)

I’ve often joked with clients that “if you’ve hired me because you think I have some rocking body, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you hired me for my brain power and my desire to help YOU get better, we’re probably on to something!”

David Jack once joked that I see humans as a series of lines, angles and movements, (to be fair, we WERE talking about assessment…) kind of like Neo in “The Matrix.”


While I appreciate the compliment, I don’t think that’s true, either.

As an aside, I think if I could be a superhero or movie character, I might have to be Tony Stark. I mean, come on! Billionaire, genius, superhero…and he gets all the really great lines.

Tony Stark always seems to be out for himself…until the chips are down. Then, he comes through for his friends and helps save the day. (Yes, I saw “Civil War,” the jury is still out on Stark at this point…)

But I’m not Tony Stark. I’m not Neo. I’m not the Architect from “The Matrix,” either, as another friend joked (“I am the Architect. I invented fitness.” HA!)

I’ve been told I’m a hater of everything from Crossfit to Zumba and beyond. This happens mostly when I ask one question.



And I ask that question a lot. No, really a lot.

Why, you ask? (Great question, haha!)

I simply believe a few critical things about fitness:

  • Fitness activities need to make sense in proportion and connection to the intended outcomes or goals.
  • With regard to the above, fitness programs should have intended outcomes, rather than being (in the words of Zig Ziglar) “wandering generalities!”
  • Science trumps all. The spirit, emotion and intellect of our clients will tell us what they truly desire and need. Coaching is the art we use to deliver the science that fulfills the part of their life we’ve been entrusted with.
  • Your fitness program MUST expand your life, not confine or restrain it!
  • Food matters! Deeply and truly. Not just in relation to aesthetics and body composition, but in the emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms of fitness, too!
  • If you are not getting better, in some way, from what you’re doing, you should re-think WHY you’re doing it.
  • Your fitness activities should be “get to” activities, not “have to” activities. In other words, the “funner” the better!
  • Your fitness activities should be challenging, tough and make you sometimes wish you could do something else.
  • If the previous two statements seem like they contradict each other, think of it this way. Some people love rock climbing. But don’t you think rock climbing is hard, really hard, sometimes? Exactly! Those folks like climbing. They accept that it will be hard and maybe even like work some – maybe even A LOT of the time. Your fitness should be like that.

If you really want to get to know me, check here: About Me

But in a nutshell, I’m a Fitness Professional who loves science, knows there are 4 Pillars of Human Fitness (more, LOTS more, to come on that) and believes inexorably that science can explain, reinforce and bring those Pillars to life for each of my clients, and YOURS!

I’ll be sharing content on training science, the science behind the “other” parts, or Pillars, of fitness and plenty of philosophy, thought, questions and fun.

Lots of fun. Because if we’re not having fun, what’s the point?

I’m looking forward to having some fun right here! I hope you’ll join me!

I am at your service.

Galatians 5:13-14

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