Try this: Zercher Lunge and Ball Slam Complex

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Core training, strength training, postural training and metabolic conditioning. All important elements of a solid training program, for athletes and for fat loss.

All found in this multi-faceted complex.

Zercher Carry Walking Lunge x 12
Dead Ball Slam x 6

4 rounds, with 45-60 seconds rest between rounds, BUT you must hold the load while resting.

Zercher Carries improve core strength by directly taxing spinal extensors on all sides of the spine. They also have a very positive effect on spinal and cervical posture.


Lunges rock for increased hip and glute strength, as well as improving functional knee extension. They also help develop deceleration strength.

Ball slams are great for their cardio effect, along with some core strength and pulling power.

The long duration, low intensity training effect of not de-loading also increases metabolic output. BONUS – Dead Ball Slams are also good for stress relief!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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