Slam Ball Chest Pass “Wager” Game

Fitness training or a challenging game for my basketball-fan athlete?


We started with a tire and a 10 lb Dead Ball (Slam Ball.)

To begin, there were the following exercises to be done:

15 rounds, 1 exercise per round

2 Arm Rope Slams X 12

OH Ball Carry (30 yards) X 1

Sled Pushes (30 yards) X 1


At the start of each round, Andrew gets one Chest Pass shot of the 10 lb Slam Ball, “wagering” one exercise round on each shot.

He makes the shot, that exercise round goes away. He misses, he has to do it to eliminate it.

No matter what, he’s doing 15 chest passes with a 10 lb ball.

Strength, targetting and conditioning along with a host of other physical skills in one fun activity.

As an aside, he also informed me (with a detailed explanation) that the Knicks and Warriors would be playing for the NBA Championship next season.

Call Vegas, baby!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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