Sled March/Run Post-ACL Rehab

How do we assess the correct exercise selection and progressions for our post-rehab athletes and clients?

Cam is post-rehab for an uncomplicated ACL tear. She assessed strongly, with only minor off-leg valgus in SL Stance/excursion and slight hip drop to the right in plank positions.

During core and strength training, she exhibits very good bilateral muscle activation with minimal inhibition from tight antagonists.

She is a high performing athlete with a high pain tolerance.

Oh yeah, she was bored out of her mind at the end of PT and really wants to play lacrosse again.

So I chose a light load sled march/run to see how her running gait might be impaired and how well her hips cycle through flexion/extension.

I noticed a need for strengthening dorsiflexion and strengthening the psoas. There are one or two other things this combination sheds light on.

What do YOU see?

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