Skill-based Conditioning for Sports

Coaches…when programming activities for conditioning, why not use activities that build desired skills, create effective athletic conditioning AND have a “fun factor?”

This competitive relay incorporates linear speed, reactive/plyometric training, footwork and change of direction. And…it’s FUN!

Teams compete to complete the course the most times in a given time frame. Quality of completion is stressed and the individual components are relatively simple and can be accomplished by all the athletes in this group.

Here’s 3 things to include in any conditioning activity:

1. Be sure the activity BUILDS athletic skills, rather than breaking them down through excess volume and fatigue.

2. Aim to condition using skill activities and work/rest ratios that make sense for the sport (or multiple sports) your athletes play.

3. Be sure to include a “FUN factor!” For some athletes, competing is fun enough. For others, comradery is the fun part. For some (maybe all,) a little silliness adds the fun. Be present to what they need in the moment.

Get these 3 and you’ll have conditioning they’ll WANT to do…

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