Better is better…

Better is better.

I say it to my athletes and clients, and I believe it fully.

Better form leads to better exercise. Better exercise leads to better metabolic output and better strength and power.

Here, Craig is getting after a MetCon complex with really good form.

Sure, he could Wall Ball with 1/2 depth squats. But full depth squats are better…and burn more fat and calories while enhancing strength and mobility.

He could short his Ball Slams, too. And maybe find a way to make his Rope Slams easier, too.

But he didn’t. And he’ll be better for it.

Because in this case, more or faster isn’t better. Better is better.

Here’s the Complex:

Gross reps – complete in any order or set/rep count you choose

Wall Ball  X 30

Ball Slam X 30

Alternating Arm Rope Slam X 120

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