Effective Metabolic Conditioning

Effective Metabolic Conditioning should meet 4 essential criteria.

1. It needs to be manageable for your clients, based on current fitness levels, movement skills and motivation levels.

2. It should be challenging enough to elicit a training response that increases work and cardio-respiratory capacity and contributes to improved metabolic efficiency (energy system enhancement and better lipid metabolism.)

3. It should build on the nature and workload levels of the overall training session and phase. For example, if your goal was to improve lower-body strength, you may want to include an element of that in the MetCon complex.

4. It should include an element of fun, mental challenge or a challenge specific to your client’s emotional or intellectual needs.

In this particular complex, Lisa is attacking a complex that fits all these criteria. It meets her fitness levels, builds work capacity and improves metabolism and fits with the larger focus of today’s session.

Because it makes her focus on a broken-up series of activities and has a slightly off-rhythm setup, she has to stay engaged in the physical planning and execution of the work.

In addition, she was proud of herself for getting it done.

The complex:
4 rounds
KB Farmer Walk ——-> 15 yds
Alternating Arm Rope Slams x 24
KB Farmer Walk <—— 15 yds
Sled Push ——–> 15 yards
Alternating Arm Rope Slams x 24
Sled Push <——- 15 yards

Give it a shot and let me know what YOU think.

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