What’s YOUR Mountain?

Very short post today… In fact, I have only one question… What’s YOUR mountain? Fear, finances, body image, addiction, relationships…whatever your mountain is, the only way to the top is to climb. You can wallow or you can climb…which will YOU choose? James 1:2-4 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 Mark 11:23-24 Advertisements


Nourish Body and Soul

When you’ve poured into others all weekend. When you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable and available all weekend. When you’ve committed mind, body, heart and soul to changing the world by answering the challenge of fitness… The best thing to do is to nourish your body and feed your soul… After an amazing weekend presenting… Continue reading Nourish Body and Soul

Mandatory Minutes

Dropping some “Mandatory Minutes” today at Activeight 3.0 at the Activlab in Phoenix! We dug deep. We got vulnerable. And, oh yeah, we went there…all the way there! And some really great stuff came out of it! So proud to be associated with these great people, and thrilled to work with them to change the… Continue reading Mandatory Minutes

Listen to the One Voice…

South Mountain Trails in Phoenix, Arizona… Just tackled this off-trail climb. When I looked up and the tiny voice in my head said “don’t,” the stronger voice…His voice, said “We got this!” This was about a 300 foot climb up a 45 degree slope with loose rocks, cactus, thickets and brambles. I’m a 54 year… Continue reading Listen to the One Voice…

5 1/2 Ways to Make Your Family Healthier

In our hustle and bustle society, family health is often pushed out of the picture. This is in spite of the massive rise of organized youth sports, “health clubs” springing up like weeds and a never-ending flow of information about food and nutrition. Visits to the fitness center and scheduled sports practices have largely replaced… Continue reading 5 1/2 Ways to Make Your Family Healthier

Thoughts on Being Right and Speaking Life.

Fitness Professionals – are you Speaking Life into your clients, or are you busy being “right?” How you’re expressing yourself on social media, your website and even in real life with your clients may hold the answer to that question… Is your social media peppered, perhaps even dominated by your rantings about the election? Scathing… Continue reading Thoughts on Being Right and Speaking Life.