Thoughts on Being Right and Speaking Life.

Fitness Professionals – are you Speaking Life into your clients,
or are you busy being “right?”

How you’re expressing yourself on social media, your website and even in real life with your clients may hold the answer to that question…

Is your social media peppered, perhaps even dominated by your rantings about the election? Scathing opinions about some injustice, media bias or conspiracy theory?

And do you truly believe THAT’S how you serve your clients?

  • Is that how you serve their emotional fitness?
  • Is that how you serve their intellectual fitness?
  • Is that how you serve their spiritual fitness?


Yes, you have 1st Amendment rights. Yes, elections matter. And yes, you’re witty, smart and poignant. Sometimes, you’re even right.

I don’t care. And neither do your clients, when we boil it right down.

Clients don’t hire you for any of those reasons. Clients don’t stay with you for any of those reasons, either.

They hire you to solve problems and help them become the best possible version of themselves. For most, your social media (and, in all likelihood, real life) political rantings fail to do that for them. In truth, you’re very likely causing them more stress and anxiety.

Wouldn’t you agree that stress, anxiety and the problems related to them are one of the biggest health issues we face as a society?

And you’ve chosen to stop helping them solve that problem!

Your clients will leave you when you stop doing the thing for which they hired you.

And it’s for sure that very, very few of the 50-60% of Americans doing nothing for their health and fitness right now will be attracted to you as a Fitness Professional by your salient, witty, sarcastic political analysis.

Do you know how I know?
I used to be you…

I needed  to be heard. I needed to be persuasive about all things social and political.

I needed to be right…and it was serving noone! Not me, not my clients and not those clients who’d not yet come to me (and very likely wouldn’t.)

But you’re different, right? Well, then, in the words of Tyler Durden – “Keep it up. Keep it right up.”

Keep it up…and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, will stay the same as it is right now…no matter how “right” you are…and no matter who wins in November, or in any other November.

Now isn’t THAT a legacy of which you can be proud?

All those people remaining sedentary, sick, tired and depressed. All those people suffering through illnesses they might otherwise have prevented. All those people missing out on the joy of moving and a life lived with energy, strength and physical literacy!

All because enough Fitness Professionals, the very people uniquely qualified and divinely called to lead them, chose a different path, in order to be heard and to be “right.”

When you’re busy “speaking your mind,” you’re highly unlikely to be Speaking Life into those who trust you, or might otherwise trust you, with their health, fitness, performance and well-being.

I’m not suggesting you should never speak your mind about issues that matter to you. I AM suggesting you remember that, in order to truly serve your clients from a place of love and desire for their success, what you really need to speak is


“In every encounter, we either give LIFE or we drain it, there is no neutral exchange.” – Brendan Manning

So, please, Speak Life in this very troubled time. Speak Life to a population of our brothers and sisters who have no health and fitness life, because they’ve been discouraged by conflicting messages, in-fighting within our own house and the stress of needing to be perfect.

Speak the Life of acceptance and love.

Speak the Life of progress over perfection.

Speak the Life of joy in movement and activity.

Speak the Life of living richly off the blessings of a bountiful earth.

Speak the Life of supporting each other right now, right where we are.

Speak the Life of knowing that we walk strongest together, forgiving each other our miscues and encouraging each other to bigger, better, bolder things.

So I’ll ask you again…

Will you Speak Life or will you insist on being “right?”

Choose wisely. We’re all counting on you…

Coach Phil

Proverbs 18:21
1 Peter 4:8-10
1 Thessalonians 5:14

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