Listen to the One Voice…


South Mountain Trails in Phoenix, Arizona…

Just tackled this off-trail climb. When I looked up and the tiny voice in my head said “don’t,” the stronger voice…His voice, said “We got this!”

This was about a 300 foot climb up a 45 degree slope with loose rocks, cactus, thickets and brambles.

I’m a 54 year old man with one rebuilt knee, 4 herniated discs and a series of training and other injuries which just haven’t healed the way I might have liked.

Looking up, I saw a massive challenge, and my little voice was a nay-sayer.

But HIS voice was stronger…and made me stronger, too!

When you’re challenged, a small voice inside will offer you advice, messages.

Often, these messages will seem to make sense. They’ll seem like they’re protecting you, keeping you from doing or trying something that may be dangerous or not in your best interests.

The voice will seem to be the voice of reason…

But very often, that voice will keep you from trying something that will help you grow. It can keep you from spreading your wings and expanding in ways that are important for you.

It is often the voice of the enemy trying to eat away at your confidence, erode your self-esteem and your inner strength.

Ignore it.

Instead, listen in faith for the other voice, the One True Voice!

When you doubt yourself or when you see a trial ahead or when you look at a task or challenge and don’t know if you’re up to it, listen for His voice.

That truest of voices will steer you right. It will lift you up and help you see the possibilities!

When you hear His voice inside you, you can be sure He walks beside you.

So take that first step in faith…and know you’re not alone…

2 Corinthians 5:7

Proverbs 3:5-6

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