Nourish Body and Soul


When you’ve poured into others all weekend. When you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable and available all weekend. When you’ve committed mind, body, heart and soul to changing the world by answering the challenge of fitness…

The best thing to do is to nourish your body and feed your soul…

After an amazing weekend presenting and being part of the growth of some of my peers in the Fitness Profession, it was time to take advantage of the culinary offerings at the Arizona Grand Resort and reflect on some incredible people, events and experiences.

For too many Fitness Professionals, the idea of nourishing our souls gets lost in the hustle and bustle of meeting and acquiring new clients, determining their goals and starting points, assessing their conditions, developing plans for action and progress, implementation of programs, overcoming obstacles, bearing their burdens, keeping them inspired and motivated and helping them maintain steady progress on the path to their goals and desired outcomes.

For many, the simple idea of “getting a workout in” seems to take the place of truly refilling our emotional and spiritual fuel supply. Sure, we read and educate ourselves, but why? In an effort to be better at all the skills listed above. And that is admirable and needed.

But what about your personal emotional fitness? What about the place in your heart from where all the energy needed to nurture clients comes from?Do you give any thought to restoring and improving that aspect of your fitness life and career?

And what about your soul? How do you reconnect with your spiritual well-being? Isn’t all too easy to recommend that our clients spend some time in meditation or prayer, while we keep running at 100 MPH ourselves?

MaryJo and I had a very busy, very emotionally and spiritually full and challenging weekend at Activeight 3.0 in Phoenix.

On Sunday evening, we looked at one another and realized we were spent. Physically tired and worn out.

Amazingly, though, we felt great. Really energized in our spirit and emotions.

Yes, we were emotionally “fatigued” from pouring into our fellow professionals.

Yes, we had also spent the weekend exploring our own vulnerabilities and emotional strengths and “gaps.”

And yes, we had spent the weekend reflecting on how we might be better in the area of spiritual fitness, and in lifting our fellow Fitness Professionals up and helping them reach new levels of connection, both with their own spirituality and with the spirits of those with whom they shared the experience.

And yet, somehow, we knew our own emotional and spiritual fitness had improved and grown. We were restored and fatigued at the same time.

This is the kind of “re-fueling” we all need sometimes.

So, Fitness Professionals (and everyone else,) how do YOU “re-fuel?” What recharges your emotional and spiritual batteries, so you can be at your most effective for those who rely on you?

Clearly, for me, it’s seeing my peers rise in so many important ways. The process of exploration infuses me with energy – the energy of faith, hope and love.

Confession time…I have moments when I think “I’m done. I don’t have any more to give and I can’t go one more day.” If you’re a Fitness Professional and you haven’t had one of those moments, you might be coasting through your career (and maybe your life) without ever really putting all of yourself into your work.

When those moments come up for me, I now know enough about myself to realize that diving deep into them gives me insight into why they’re really happening.

I get to ask what it is about me and my emotion and spirit that have led to those moments. I get to dig in and see the truth. What am I afraid of? Why am I really frustrated? What outcome, result or insight is really important with regard to the things that have led me to that point?

Most important, am I really walking in faith, or am I relying on my own will and thought and the things of this world?

So for all my peers in the Fitness Profession, please consider the questions in this piece with some seriousness and some meditation.

We have so much to offer the world. Few groups of people can change the world the way Fitness Pro’s can. As long as they can stay charged up, emotionally ready and spiritually strong.

If you need help in that regard, or just need some support, please reach out. I can help.

In the meantime Fitness Professionals, get ready for Activeight 4.0, “The Legacy of Fitness,” coming in Fall 2017…

We’re already working on it and it’s going to be amazing!

Join us and let’s change the world…

Jeremiah 30:17

Romans 15:13

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