Metabolic Conditioning with Sled and Loaded Carries 1

Adult clients need efficient exercise options. With busy schedules, it’s a good idea for fitness coaches and trainers to have multi-faceted options in their “tool boxes.”

Here is an example of one of those multi-faceted complexes. Core training, metabolic conditioning, improved shoulder/spinal stability all in one (reasonably) simple finishing complex.

Using a combination of KB Waiter/Rack/Suitcase Walks and a moderately heavy Sled Push, Curt is getting it done.

The KB Walks combination really improves shoulder strength, stability and strength endurance. It’s also a highly functional core challenge and one of the best ways to increase work capacity for your adult clients.

Add a moderately heavy Sled Push (‘cuz everyone loves to push the sled, right?l and you’ve added a nice metabolic conditioning hit to the complex.

This one looks like this:
3 rounds:
OA KB Waiter/Rack/Suitcase Walk x 15 yds each (R/L)
Sled Push (225 lbs) x 30 yards

Now…go have some fun with this one!

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