What Commitment Looks Like, Part 1

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The OHL season just ended last week for Cam Dineen.

Coming off MCL surgery and rehab in Canada, he did what committed, high-performance athletes do. He got back to work!

Since the best hockey players are built off the ice, he knew where to start.

Excited to have him back and looking forward to making him “bullet-proof” once again. (Cheap shots like the one that caused the injury aside.)

We’ll get to work improving the strength and stability of the injured leg, returning it to pre-injury condition. We’ll also begin the process of making his body and athletic skill-set NHL-ready.

Since the Arizona Coyotes saw enough in Cam to draft him in the 3rd round of the 2016 NHL Draft, there’s a solid chance he’ll be competing at the highest levels pretty soon!

Hard-working, determined, committed. Add talent to the mix and great things happen!

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