These LOOK Innocent, but…

SMR and Mobility Tools

So I got my butt handed to me today by these seemingly simple and innocent looking tools (missing is my Trigger Point Therapy ball – it was too mean to me to include haha)

I’ve been dealing with a nagging left hamstring strain for several weeks now. It would improve, then backtrack, and got pretty bad this week.

Today, I tried some good, old-fashioned stretching, SMR and tissue quality work. Surprise! My hamstrings, ITB and hip were tighter than guitar strings on the left side!

That’s in spite of pretty consistent foam rolling and glute activation work.

After a sweat-inducing session laced with a few expletives, I’m feeling a bit better…and resigned to being more consistent with this work.

Sometimes, a return to the simplest, most basic tools and techniques yields great results…

A great lesson for all of us to remember!

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