Intention and Action

PK Subban

Great story, and a great example of how to build bridges and help solve problems rather than lying about others to further divide people. (right, Michael Bennett? Body cam footage works both ways…and before you jump that shark, yes, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it all…20 different video clips, so save your outrage for someone who cares.)

As always, spare me your “it wasn’t intended to insult the (military, flag, nation, yada, yada, yada” (it did…thoroughly) and your 1st Amendment arguments. (It isn’t. Like it or not, it’s an employment issue. Go read the Supreme Court verdicts on this very subject.)
And please don’t tell me how much these guys “do in the community.” Who cares? Whatever their intent, they’ve pissed on things of importance for more than half the population. The example they’ve set for the youth who look up to them is appalling. Children are growing up with the attitude that anything that offends them, has no meaning to them or doesn’t help their “cause” can be disrespected or even destroyed.
Stay classy, you jackasses.
Apparently, PK Subban is a class act. The clowns in the NFL, NBA, the women’s national soccer team, etc.? Grandstanding fools who haven’t changed a single persons life for the better with their vapid, self-serving “protests.”
Yet the very people these numbskulls claim to “represent,” and whose lives haven’t been improved by this nonsense, will continue to shell out hundreds of dollars to put their favorite idiots jersey on their backs. And the players will cash the “swag checks” without a second thought.
There’s one good reason to respect the ex-49er QB for his “protest.” He did it when he knew he had no guaranteed employment in the NFL. And as it always does, his expression of his “1st Amendment rights” had consequences.
The anthem and the flag are representations of a nation that has the liberty, resolve, resources and the will to address its issues and correct or improve them unlike nearly any other place on earth. And we must. But beginning a discussion about race issues by calling those you’d engage racist is divisive, counterproductive and flat-out stupid.
If you want to bring people together to discuss something of importance to you, don’t begin by pushing them away. Build some bridges, extend a hand, find some common ground and please, for the love all that matters, don’t lie about people.
God bless us all…

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