Squat Lunge Complexes

Barbell Squat-Lunge Complexes are a great way to increase lower-body strength and stability. They also provide a high degree of athletic crossover.

They impact vertical leap, both bilateral and unilateral, and improve sprint power, coordination under load, overall strength and athletic durability.

Whether you use a Squat to Reverse Lunge, like Jose is doing here or Squat to Forward Lunge, you’ll see positive results for you athletes and clients.

A few key things to look for and coach:

1. Cue your athlete to strive for a hip flexion angle on the lunge which is within a few degrees of that of their squat. Unless you are using a deep squat technique, this will help your athlete better develop strength coming into and out of the bottom of the lunge.

2. Cue a “chest up, eyes forward” position on all movements. This helps keep the head neutral and the lumbar spine out of extension, as well as contributing to better position at the bottom of the lunge.

3. Finish all your reps. You can see early in the video that Jose stepped “through” the last lunge of an early set to rack the bar. Finishing your reps completes the feedback loop connected to the neuro-muscular pattern in the brain, increasing movement efficiency.

As always, I’m happy to answer questions or discuss concepts. Comment here or send me a message. Train hard, train smart!

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