The Curse of Perfectionism…


“Our findings suggest that self-oriented perfectionism, socially prescribed perfectionism, and other-oriented perfectionism have increased over the last 27 years.

We speculate that this may be because, generally, American,
Canadian, and British cultures have become more individualistic,
materialistic, and socially antagonistic over this period, with young
people now facing more competitive environments, more unrealistic expectations, and more anxious and controlling parents than generations before.” – Curran, Thomas and Hill, Andrew; “Perfectionism Is Increasing Over Time: A Meta-Analysis of Birth Cohort Differences From 1989 to 2016”; Psychological Bulletin

Are you or your children stressed out over not being “good enough” or trying to live up to a standard set by something you/they observe, something held up as “right” or perfect or by peers or perceived superiors (including teachers, bosses or coaches) or peer pressure and what is pressed on them on social media and elsewhere?

Do you or they seek inherent value as a human being by comparison to others and their achievements, real or perceived?

Maybe it’s time to live up to a standard that says “I’m good enough, now how much more can I achieve and how can I make the world better. Maybe it’s time to realize that His grace is enough and enjoy this journey we’re on and all that comes with it.

This approach may not eliminate all stress and help you avoid ALL the pitfalls of perfectionism, but it will bring you closer to the source of your strength and help you understand both WHO you are and WHOSE you are! And that is a far better way to experience the gift of life…

Read the whole study here:

Perfectionism often prevents us from learning the valuable lessons that come from making mistakes, or just getting by. We put so much pressure on ourselves to do everything perfectly right, we miss out on moments discovery that can teach us better ways to do things, better ways to appreciate things and realizations that can change our view of things – or even of life itself!

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