Lessons on Shoulder Stability & Strength

Hand Fracture Shoulder Health

This hand has a quick lesson to teach about shoulder strength and stability.

Gray Cook and others have researched and written about the relationship between gripping, grip strength and activation of important neuro-muscular activation pathways to and through the gleno-humeral complex.

A few weeks ago, I injured my left ring finger tossing a KB around. Ligament damage, I think.

Besides not being able to wear my wedding ring (muy importante to me!) I can’t grip well with my left hand, wrapped or not.

Today, overhead carries became an object lesson in how this neural pathway works. With only a 20 lb DB, my left shoulder was fried, while my right was just getting started.

In spite of the problems this issue is causing, it’s pretty cool when you can get a practical, “laboratory” application of something you’ve studied…

I guess I’m just weird that way.

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