Skill-based Conditioning for Athletes

Last day of training for Jose Lopez before heading out to Arizona for Spring Training with the Cincinnati Reds organization. This is the first year he’s made the 40-man roster, and I couldn’t be more excited for – or confident in – him!

After a solid lower-body dominant session, a little grind for conditioning. But, as always, skill-based and focused on the movement needs of my athlete.

On display here are:

Reactive stabilization of the knee in multiple planes of motion.

Hip drive.

Oppositional power production through the shoulder/scapular complex.

Force reduction in the shoulder with control/minimizing of unwanted multi-planar forces.

All important for the overall athletic skill-set, but even more so for pitchers and overhead athletes!

Pitchers and catchers are about to report, and this guy is ready!

Way to put in the work, Jose!

Audentes fortuna iuvat! Be bold!

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