Badass or Buffoonish?

You can should you badass buffoon

When confronted with a fitness, strength or performance challenge, your first instinct might be to say “I CAN do this!”

Self-confidence and motivation are important. Critical to both short- and long-term success, really.

So getting fired up to conquer a physical challenge can be a great thing. Maybe even heroic!

Unless it’s not.

Sometimes, that “challenge” makes no sense. Sometimes, as good as it might feel to complete it, to conquer “can’t” and win, is a terrible idea.

Does it fit with your training plan? Do you even have a plan, or are you just a fitness wanderer?

Does it really make any sense? What real, lasting benefit will you get from this short-term victory?

Think about it. If you understand all the implications for your fitness, strength & performance, there’s a lot less chance that your badass conquest will end up in buffoonery.

Of course, sometimes…

You. Just. Gotta. Do. It!

In that case, go for it…after you re-read this.

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