Limits, Challenges & Real-Life Superheroes

This is Nate. Nate is a Superhero.

Yeah, I know, no cape & no cool suit.

But he has a superpower. Several, actually, along with an amazing origin story.

You see, Nate suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at the age of 2. He was diagnosed with a Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury.

So his first Superhero act was surviving his coma & beating the odds. 90% of people with his condition don’t survive it.

But his true superpower is the ability to take on the numerous physical challenges that come with his condition – while maintaining a “never quit” attitude.

Nate has no use of his left arm & uses a stimulation unit to assist his left leg.

Day 1 with me, I saw Nate eyeing up the heavy sled work being done by my other athletes. I knew I’d find a way to let him challenge himself just like those other athletes were.

So here Nate is, discovering another Superhero power. Apparently, he’s unstoppably determined.

That’s a trait shared with the highest performing athletes I know.

It’s also a trait possessed by the greatest superheroes of all time.

I’m blessed, proud & honored that his mom sought me out for him. He’ll get my best – just like I know I’ll get his.

A Superhero, indeed.

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