Strength, Mobility & Hurdle Shuffles

Coaches – can you see the tell-tale sign of hip mobility and core strength issues in this Hurdle Shuffle?

A lack of hip mobility, weak spinal stabilization and weak hip flexors combine here.

Do you see the “big clue?”

Hint – when we adjusted the hurdle height down to about 5-6″, we saw the same clue repeated. Even after cueing the correction, it quickly returned.

Ideally, this activity would be performed with an upright trunk. The feet would track in a relatively straight line through the hurdles, with the knees driving high and hard.
But that’s not the case, obviously.

We’ll employ a regimen of hip mobility, core strength/recruitment and hip flexor strengthening (not tightening ) to help correct the strength/mobility deficits.

If you see the tell-tale sign I’m referring to, comment with it below.

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