Step Away From the Kettlebell!

More Kettlebell

Should your athlete or client swing a Kettlebell? The answer, as it often is in fitness, is “it depends.”

Kettlebells are everywhere in the fitness world. Every McFitness health club, every training center, every studio and then some. And everyone who’s watched 60 seconds of Youtube videos thinks they know how to swing them.

But should they? In this episode, I explore what I think are 4 key questions fitness professionals should answer about their athletes and clients before they get to swingin’.

Questions about core strength and activation, how your clients and athletes move and what they’ve mastered already.

Do you HAVE to answer them before letting your clients swing a Kettlebell? No, but once you hear them, I think you might see it the way I do.

Or just think I’m batsXXt crazy.

Listen right here:

In the meantime, step away from the Kettlebell…

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