Love is a Superpower – Laura Honzu

Ubuntu Athletics

Today’s Happy Hour guest is Laura Honzu, Owner and Head Coach at Ubuntu Athletics in Hinckley, Ohio.

Laura is entering her 4th year in her 2,000 SF training facility. Her clients include adults, youth athletes and teams, including one local high school boys ice hockey team which competes nationally year in and year out.

Laura shares some remarkable insights, including:

  • Why love is a “superpower!”
  • Why her faith is an open part of her life.
  • Why being real is more important than being perfect.
  • Your best looks different every day. Just remember to bring it to everything you do.
  • Why when she goes to a hockey game she has 20 kids on the team.
  • Why this might be the toughest hockey season ever for her.
  • Her best piece of advice for brand new Strength Coaches and Fitness Professionals.
  • Why chocolate might just be saving the world.

Laura was open, frank and a lot of fun! Have a listen…

Four Pillar Fitness Friday Happy Hour with Laura Honzu – “Love is a Superpower!”

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Keep the faith and keep after it!

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