Fear, Anxiety, Insecurities and Original Sin

Appearing on video for content production has been one of my personal insecurities.

As one of my business tag lines says “I’m not your average pretty trainer.”

Since video content is one of the things I want to expand into, I figured I’d better get to figuring it out and overcoming that insecurity.

On my morning walk today, I started to think about fear, anxiety and insecurity.

It seems to stem from a lack mentality, a sense that we’re not “good enough” or just not enough.

In my logical mind, I know that’s wrong. I think most people do, at a logical level.

But somewhere, deep in the psyche, is an initiating thought or feeling that kick starts that feeling of “not enough.”

Could the concept of original sin, that we are born flawed, be part of that process?

This video shares my initial thoughts on the subject. I hope I’m “good enough.” đŸ˜‰

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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