Friday Happy Hour with Carrie Boan, aka “The Brain Diva!”

Carrie Boan

On today’s Friday Happy Hour episode, I’m joined by Carrie Boan, aka “The Brain Diva!”


This is a lively discussion about life, kids, concussions and brain health!

Listen in as Carries shares with me:

  • Her (very) personal experiences with concussion – and what it taught her about science and love!
  • How concussions and their effects are physical, neural, emotional and spiritual!
  • How environment and genetics might be responsible for susceptibility to concussions, their severity and how well a person bounces back!
  • Her work with entrepreneurs – especially women – in the areas of brain health, productivity and happiness!
  • Her belief – and evidence – of a “spirit connection” in the brain!
  • How her son is working on her grandchildren’s brains!

Carrie lays out some awesome stuff here that MIGHT just help your brain get better!

Here’s the link: Friday Happy Hour on Four Pillar Fitness podcast with Carrie Boan!

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