Thank You EFPS 2018!

FB_IMG_1537064639816.jpgDalson boys.jpg 20180916_121423.jpg

Long Jump.jpg 20180915_193449.jpg

So grateful, blessed and honored to have been a part of the best Elite Fitness & Performance Summit yet!

Thank you to Nick, Ryan and the team at FR Nation for having me as a presenter.

It was great to see so many people I love, honor & respect. This really was like a big family reunion – just with less drama!

There is also a plan to top this year’s IYCA “long jump” pic at the next event. I just hope Coach Jared’s hamstrings hold out!

If you missed it, you missed a seriously good weekend of education, motivation, community and even a little silliness and frivolity!

But we’ll see you next time, right?

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