Friday Happy Hour With Eric Chessen!

Eric Chessen

On this Friday Happy Hour episode of the Four Pillar Fitness podcast, I’m joined by my good friend and co-conspirator in seeing the weirdness in the world, Eric Chessen.

Eric is the founder and Kommisar of Autism Fitness. He’s passionate about bringing sound fitness principles and frequent fitness opportunity to the Autism Spectrum community.

He’s also the CEO of, makers of cool fitness tools that you need. Unless, of course, you like being weak.

He also has strong feelings for red meat and pre-workout.

Eric shares his thoughts with us about:

  • Why sports-based PE has failed those on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Why an assessment built with intention tells him more about his clients than a movement screen.
  • Why passion, experience and confidence are more important – and impactful – then ego.
  • His approach is not about ASD-specific exercise, but human-specific movement.

He’s one of my favorite fun-loving bipeds on this planet! Find out why!

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