Four Pillar Fitness Friday Happy Hour with Josh Hillis

Josh Hillis

On this Happy Hour Friday episode, I’m joined by my friend Josh Hillis. Josh is a Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer, writer of the blog “Josh Hillis’ Lose Stubborn Fat and behavioral nutrition coach.



Josh is also a best-selling author, having written “Fat Loss Happens on Monday” with legendary strength coach Dan John.

He also happens to be one of my favorite Fitness Professionals and a heck of a conversationalist. We covered a broad range of fitness topics, including:

  • Why we should look at food from a behavioral standpoint.
  • Why the rules about food in any diet are the best predictor of its’ failure!
  • The 4 Skills to Eating Well (successfully.)
  • The cruel myth that makes people think they should be happy all the time – and how it leads to emotional wreckage!
  • Why transformation challenges get harder each time you do another one!
  • How to overcome hunger cues from stress!
  • How cognitive behavioral therapy may point to the new frontier in fitness and nutrition!
  • Why old school video games still matter!

Whether you’re a fitness professional, a fitness enthusiast, trying to drop a few pounds or just wondering why weight loss and fitness can be so challenging, give this episode a listen!

Click here to listen: Four Pillar Fitness Friday Happy Hour w/Josh Hillis

There’s some learning and wisdom here for all of us!

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