Podcast:6 Things That Screw Up Men’s Energy Levels

Men's Energy Levels
Avoid these pitfalls and be more like this guy!

So much of the writing and content production in the fitness world is centered around women.

Women’s fitness, women’s health, women’s yada yada.

Today, I’m talking about men’s health and fitness. More specifically, men’s energy levels and what screws them up.

Here’s the link:

Guys, you can’t expect to feel like a superhero all the time. But there are things you can look out for that can sap your energy levels and leave you feeling sluggish, tired and cranky.

In this episode, I’m discussing some of the lifestyle, nutritional and medical factors that can mess with your energy levels.

Give it a listen and see if we can’t put the pep back in your step and the juice back in your batteries!

Here’s that link again: http://bit.ly/4PFMensEnergy

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