Podcast:Overtraining? 9 Signs to Watch For

Over training 3

We’ve all done it. Over-indulged in something and paid the price.

Too much dessert or one toomany drinks. The aftermath is rough, but you get through it, right?

Well, what if over-indulging in something that’s good for you might have the potential to damage your health? What if it might even be fatal?

Overtraining can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, the fitness “industry” idolizes the extreme exerciser in ways that might be troublesome.

Overtraining can lead to potential injury, problems with sleep, digestion, hormones and may even lead to a fatal cardiac event.

Join me as I share 9 signs that you are overtraining on the Four Pillar Fitness Podcast.

Here’s the link to the show: Overtraining? 9 Signs to Watch For

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