Podcast: Why Your Brain Wants You To Train Heavy!

Why Your Brain Wants You To Train Heavy

Can you gain muscle by lifting lighter weights for lots of repetitions? Yes, you can.

Will you get as strong as you might by lifting heavier weights? No.

Of course, strength and conditioning coaches, power lifters, athletes, strength enthusiasts and just about anyone who can think already knew that.

Even the pretty people in the aerobics rooms across the nation lifting the cute, color-coded dumbbells and swinging itty-bitty pseudo-kettlebells know it, too. But they just want to get “toned.”

A study from the folks at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln just re-proved the truth.

If you want to get strong – really strong – you have to lift heavy weights. But the reason might surprise you.

On today’s episode, I break down the study and it’s findings and help you understand why it’s time to stop “getting toned” and start getting strong – from the brain on down!

Here’s the link to the podcast: Four Pillar Fitness – Why Your Brain Wants You To Train Heavy!

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