Warm-ups: What’s the Purpose?

With regard to warm-up activities for youth athletes, what’s the main purpose?

Is it to stimulate an increase in cardiorespiratory rate and “get the blood flowing?”

Is it to improve movement, enhance the stable ROM in major joints?

Is it to “get them in here” and fully present to the activities to come?

Or is it to have some fun and get the session off to a great start?

The correct answer is all of the above.

Your warm-ups will never be 100% technically perfect, particularly in a group training environment.

Each youth athlete is different and each is different from one day to the next.

Get the important elements in there and your warm-ups won’t just be time fillers or rote, mind-numbing, repetitive wastes of energy.

Your athletes will thank you for your efforts.

They’re counting on you as a coach!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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