Podcast: Research Round-up, Vol. 1

research round up vol 1

Welcome to a brand new feature on the Four Pillar Fitness podcast!

Each week on Research Round-up, I’ll share my take on several research studies relating to one area of health, fitness, wellness or performance.

This week our studies include research on:

> How eating whole eggs may help you avoid Type 2 Diabetes!

> How exercise helps eliminate belly fat – and how that process can get short-circuited!

> How “exercise snacks” like walking up and down several flights of stairs can improve your cardiorespiratory health!

Give a listen and, as always, your thoughts are welcome!

PS…for more help in the fight against Type 2 Diabetes, try JayLab Pro Gluco-Guardian!

Fighting the belly fat battle? Lepti-Sense can help!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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