This is Cardio That Actually Works! (Video)

This. Is. Cardio!

Well, it’s actually metabolic conditioning, which is what the majority of your clients and athletes really need.

MetCon conditions the body to use energy better, remain stronger longer and look way better than ‘cardio’ ever could.

Strength and power based activities performed intensely for short bouts.

Repeat over time with minimal rest (only what’s needed to perform again at full power.)

Keep it simple. Let it work.

This circuit:
4 rounds
Ball Slams X 6
OH Ball Carry X 20 yards
Ball Squat Toss X 20 yards
Ball Slams X 6

Deviously simple, very effective!

Program well, coach even better.

Your clients and athletes are counting on you!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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