Podcast: 5 1/2 Ways to Make Your Family Healthier

5 and a half ways to make your family healthier

Life moves faster and faster by the minute, or so it seems. Our families rarely get the kind of quality time we’d like to get and all too often our family’s health takes a back seat to, well, just about everything.
But you can change that, and you don’t have to sell everything, move “off the grid” and make your own clothes out of animal skins. In fact, you really don’t have to work that hard to help your family be healthier.
Today, I’m offering 5 1/2 ways you can make your family healthier. Some of them revolve around nutrition and some around activity. In fact, there’s even one you can do while watching television!
Join me for a quick, fun episode that might just help your family overcome some of the challenges of modern life and get healthier!

Here’s the link to the episode: 5 1/2 Ways to Make Your Family Healthier

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