Speed Testing Mastery: New Course From the IYCA!

speedtestingmasterySpeed testing is a huge part of sports. Whether you agree with it or not, athletes get tested on how fast they can run. The 40-yard dash is the centerpiece of the NFL Combine and the 60-yard dash has become the gold-standard in baseball. Even Major League Soccer now tests the 30 meter sprint, and you see kids getting tested at just about every camp or tryout in all sorts of sports.

Sometimes these tests help determine who makes a team or earns a scholarship, so athletes are constantly looking for help.

If you’ve worked with young athletes for any length of time, you’ve probably had them ask for help in this area. According to speed expert and IYCA President Jim Kielbaso “I feel like we owe it to kids to help them as much as possible, so I have created the ultimate guide to running a faster 40- or 60-yard dash. I told you about it last week, and it’s now available to the IYCA community.”

It’s called Speed Testing Mastery, and you can get all the details on this new IYCA product here:

>> Speed Testing Mastery <<

Because Jim gets so many questions about running a faster 40- or 60-yard dash, he decided that it was time to create a comprehensive system based on science, many years of experience, input from dozens of experts, and real-world results achieved by hundreds of athletes.

Speed Testing Mastery walks you step-by-step how to run a faster 40- or 60-yard dash through 10 video modules, plus a detailed 8-week training program.

Plainly said, there has never been anything close to this comprehensive available.

There’s never been anything that included video-analysis of athletes to help coaches understand exactly what to look for and how to correct it.

But Jim broke down video of 7 different athletes so that you can see exactly how things should and shouldn’t look.

If you’ve ever helped an athlete improve a 40- or 60-yard dash or think you might in the future, this is a no-brainer.

Even better is that we’re keeping this very reasonably priced at $149, PLUS we’re giving the IYCA community $50 off for the initial launch.

So, you can get everything for just $99!

Check out Speed Testing Mastery now and arm yourself with expert knowledge on how to help athletes run a faster 40- or 60-yard dash.

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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