Podcast: The Fools on the Treadmills

Fools on the Treadmills.jpg

“Walk the pounds off!”

“Jog to lose weight!”

You’ve been told all your life that low-intensity, steady-state cardio for long periods of time is the best way to lose weight, get heart-healthy and look great.

So why aren’t all those people slogging along on treadmills impressive physical specimens?

Because it’s a lie!

Cardio is crap, at least the kind that’s been sold to us by doctors, health club owners, celebrities and treadmill makers.

In this episode, I’ll show you why cardio is crap – using science, not anecdotal nonsense and foolishness.

So listen in. You may never get on a treadmill again!

Here’s the link to the podcast: The Fools on the Treadmills

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