Podcast: Friday Happy Hour with Ben Boudro – Tragedy, Humility, Victory

Ben Boudro

A casual look at the life of Ben Boudro, owner of Xceleration Fitness in Auburn Hills, Michigan, might lead you to believe he’s like a lot of other fitness professionals.

Fit, successful, family man, living the dream. And all of those things are true.

But there’s more to Ben’s story.

A deeper pool of humility, integrity and real, raw emotion.

Join me and find out:

> How a career-ending wrestling injury launched a deep love of fitness, training and athleticism!

> Why running a fitness business in a facility without heat or air conditioning can lead to the building of a strong fitness community!

> How Ben went from wanting to be a fitness social media celebrity to only sharing the real, raw truth!

> How a traumatic family event spurred Ben to emotional and spiritual victory!

> The habits you REALLY need to develop to enjoy long-term fitness and weight loss success! (Hint: it ain’t what you think!)

Here’s a link to the show: Four Pillar Fitness Friday Happy Hour with Ben Boudro – Tragedy, Humility, Victory

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