Podcast: Five Weight Loss Diets (and One Diet Trend) That Suck

5 Weight Loss Diets and One Diet Trend That Suck Anch IG

Most people, at some point, would like to lose weight.

Some people really want to lose weight! Some folks want to lose a lot of weight.

If you are, or have been, one of these people, you’ve probably realized that losing weight in the modern world can be a challenge!

You may even have thought there might be a shortcut.

Well, an entire industry has been built up around diets and weight loss.

Some of it is legitimate, but some of it is misleading, greedy and even downright dangerous!

Today, I look at 5 weight loss diets that aren’t simply not backed up by fitness science, they’re foolish, pointless and dangerous.

I also take on one pretty generally accepted weight loss trend – the “cleanse” diet industry.

I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers here, but as they say, “if the shoe fits…”

Join me and then share your own experiences with weight loss, dieting and all that goes with it!

Here’s the link to this episode of the Four Pillar Fitness podcast: 5 Weight Loss Diets (and One Diet Trend) That Suck


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