Podcast: Friday Happy Hour with David Jack

David Jack

My guest today is the inimitable David Jack, “International Man of Mystery!”

When people ask “what does David Jack do?” the answer is often “he’s David Jack!”

In truth, however, David is a deep pool of fitness knowledge.

His impact, though, is delivered through his intuition, experience, love, passion and willingness to go where many fitness professionals won’t go.

David and I could have 1,000 conversations and never have a slice of the same one twice.

Today we cover a lot of topics that have nothing to do with the “X’s and O’s.”

We talked about:

  • Learning – how we do it as fit pros, how our clients do it and how critical it is to your success (fitness pros AND clients)
  • The role fear in fitness – the bad AND the good!
  • What to do when clients (and anyone else in your life) are having crises – emotional, mental and spiritual – and what not to do!
  • Understanding when the best training session you can deliver has little or nothing to do with exercise, fitness or performance.
  • “Right-sizing” our role in helping our clients find some happiness and balance in a challenging world. (Hint – it has much to do with relationships!)
  • How fitness professionals who are Christian can infuse it into their practice while allowing people of all creeds to feel served, comfortable and loved right where they are. The nature of true service for all fitness professionals – and everyone else!
  • What the best things in fitness are right now!
  • How David had me at “not doing burpees!”
  • David’s favorite Disney princess, favorite superhero and the guilty pleasure nobody knows he has.

This was one of my all-time favorite Happy Hour interviews with one of my favorite people on the planet.

Here’s the link to the episode:

Four Pillar Fitness Podcast Friday Happy Hour with David Jack – Fitness Professional, Guide, Shepherd, Influencer, Activator

Give it a listen and please share your thoughts!

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