Podcast: 5 Deadly Sins Parents and Coaches Commit in Training Youth Athletes

I’ve been around the Youth Training and Fitness field for 20 years and I’ve made enough mistakes to know I don’t know everything.However, I DO know that parents and coaches are still committing some “deadly sins” when it comes to training youth athletes!Listen in as I share 5 of those “deadly sins.”

Find out:

  • Why over-specialization is a major problem for your youth athletes!
  • Why linear speed is over-coached, over-emphasized and overrated!
  • Why “sport-specific training” is a crock of BS!
  • Why loading movement too soon could be a fast path to serious injury!
  • Why your kids shouldn’t be working out like you!
  • Why our desire for instant gratification is a problem for your youth athlete!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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