Podcast: Research Round-Up, Vol. 5 – Some Straight Dope on Weed and Your Teens

Everywhere you turn, it seems that someone is trying to convince you that marijuana – weed, cannabis, etc., – is not only not dangerous, but somehow good for you.

I’m not talking about medical marijuana here. This is about recreational and casual marijuana.

Government, media, lobbyists and those who will profit from legal cannabis are on the bandwagon preaching the virtues of legal and widely available pot.

But what does the science say?

How much research has been done on the safety of using marijuana?

Are there short-term dangers? Long-term effects?

How do cannabinoids impact developing kids and teens?

Should we be concerned about this generation of teens and young adults?

The powers mentioned above say “don’t worry, be happy!”

Science says something different.

Join me this episode as I take a look at 3 different studies that should give you pause before letting teens use what may prove to be a far more dangerous substance than many people think.

Here’s the link to the podcast on Anchor.fm: Research Round-Up, Vol. 5 – Some Straight Dope on Weed and Your Teens

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