Podcast: Essential Laws of Strength, Fitness and Performance #1 – More is Not Better, Better is Better!

Today, I’m sharing the first of my “Essential Laws of Strength, Fitness and Performance.”

These didn’t happen by accident.

These Essential Laws were developed through observation and analysis, careful review of my work and that of others and trial and error.

Law #1 may be the most important one to remember.

Join me as I discuss how what we value as a society has impacted our fitness and health.

Find out why it might be better to be a Timex watch than a Rolex timepiece.

This one is short but fun!

Here are the links to the podcast:
iTunes: Essential Law 1 on iTunes

Spotify: Essential Law 1 on Spotify

Anchor: Essential Law 1 on Anchor

Stitcher: Essential Law 1 on Stitcher

Radio Public: Essential Law 1 on Radio Public

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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