Podcast: 72 Fat Loss Tips That WORK

This episode is rapid-fire, a little bit fun and a whole lot of useful!

To be fair, this could have been 172 or even 1,072 fat loss tips that work.

There are so many things you can do – small things and big – to burn more fat that it feels like this is just the “starter set.”

But here are 72.

They’ll help you get your meals right, step up your exercise and calorie-burning and maximize your fat loss!

Some are fairly predictable, some are a little surprising.

For example, number 1 seems like something everyone who wants to lose fat or lose weight should do.

Number 19 is a little more of a surprise.

Number 29 and number 42 are things you might not think would help, but do.

Number 68 might shock you!

And number 43 is just plain cool!

So join me and get your rapid fire fat loss tips!


Here’s the link to the Krill Oil in number 12. (Okay, I gave that one away a little.)

JayLab Pro Krill Oil

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Keep the faith and keep after it!

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