Podcast: Friday Happy Hour With Lyle McDonald – The Sequel

If you heard the first one, you already know this one is going to be fun!

Lyle McDonald joins me once again for a lively shout at some clouds!

In this episode, Lyle shares:

  • How he got his start as a Karaoke superstar!
  • His thoughts on “sport-specific training.”
  • When early specialization might actually help.
  • Why the process matters, what the formula for success in training, sports, fat loss and other areas really looks like and why the boring stuff will get you better.
  • The relationship between commitment, motivation, dedication, work ethic and genetics.
  • His thoughts on two of his favorite fitness and training researchers – YOU know who we’re talking about!
  • His thoughts on the fitness “influencers” movement.
  • What he thinks is great in fitness now.

We also shared an edgy, possibly controversial conversation about the nature of femininity.

Lyle also shares why you need to get this movie: Only The Strong

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Keep the faith and keep after it!

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