Last Off-Season Training Session for This Guy!

Last off-season training session for Matt today at All-Star Sports Academy!

This guy has dealt for 10 months with a UCL tear that was FINALLY properly diagnosed. Even during this period of massive frustration, he kept his head up and his good humor intact!

In spite of the uncertainty of this football season and training through unavoidable discomfort, he put in the work at every session.

He took it to heart when I told him to keep working and keep looking for answers about his elbow.

He finally got some real diagnostics from a solid orthopedic surgeon. He didn’t get the answer he might have wanted (surgery and a missed season, but he does have an answer and a plan!

While he may not get the year he’d hoped for at Rowan University, I’m proud of this young man!

Love you and see you soon, big guy!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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