Cardio For Those Who Hate Cardio

If you know me, you know I hate cardio. Really hate it.

Clarification – I hate “traditional” cardio. Long, boring, steady state, make-me-wanna-stab-myself cardio.

I also despise “stupid” cardio. You know, burpees, mountain climbers and all that crap. Just dumb.

But I like how cardio makes my body feel and how it keeps my heart healthy.

No, I don’t like it for fat burning, because it doesn’t work for that!

So what to do?

How about 30 minutes of carrying kettlebells and pushing sleds?

30 minutes, every minute on the minute. Alternating between KB Farmer Walks for 40 yards and Sled Pushes for 20 yards.

Keep moving during any available rest periods.

Get. Cardio. Done.

Shoot your treadmill. Screw the burpees.

Carry heavy stuff and push sleds around.

Give this a try and see if you don’t agree that it beats 30 minutes on a hate-your-life hamster wheel.

Do you hate traditional and stupid cardio, too?

Share your alternatives in the comments!

I’m always looking for new stuff to try!

Keep the faith and keep after it!


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