Podcast: Accountability or Unnecessary Confrontation for Youth Athletes?


It’s used so often and in so many arenas that it’s practically a cliche.

In business, in school and in sports and training, everyone likes to talk about accountability.

For coaches, whether in youth sports or fitness and strength and conditioning, it seems universally accepted that accountability is key.

In these arenas, “holding athletes accountable” is like a ninja skill.

But what if all this accountability is more like a blunt instrument?

What if all we’re really doing is beating our athletes over the head and not really making a difference?

Listen in and I’ll tell you my thoughts on how we’re misusing accountability with youth athletes.

I’ll also share some really effective ways to make accountability practically unnecessary – all while getting better results than you or your athletes could have imagined.

But be forewarned, if you’re one of those who lives and dies by “accountability,” this may sting a little!

But only for a little while…

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