Forgiveness: At The Root of Love?

I’ve learned a hard lesson in my life.

Love is impossible without mercy, without the capacity to forgive.

That’s true of our ability to love others, certainly.

All of us, after all, are lovable because of, rather than in spite of, our limitations.

But what about loving yourself?

How can you possibly love yourself if you refuse to or won’t allow yourself to forgive YOU of your mistakes, failures and transgressions?

For me, the inability to forgive myself for these errors and sins has led to some of my darkest times throughout my life.

But I’ve learned from it.

I’ve learned to say “I forgive you” to myself and mean it.

Not to forget the lesson, simply to forgive the sin or mistake.

To heal. To begin to love again.

What are you holding onto about yourself?

What sin, what error or failure can you simply not forgive yourself for?

Be thoughtful about it and forgive yourself.

Let yourself begin to love the soul God put here again.

See if it doesn’t change your view of others.

Watch as you begin to love others again.

Not in spite of their limitations, but because of them.


Keep the faith and keep after it!

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